Alexander The Great Airport

Completely designed and planned by the TAV design team, Alexander The Great Airport has been completed in the relatively short time span of 20 months and is able to handle a capacity of 6 million passengers per year.

Facts and Figures

6,000,000 passengers per year / Terminal Design Capacity
40,000 m² / Terminal Building Area
3,000 m² / Cargo Building Area
25,000 m² / Apron Area
38,100 m² / Runway Extention

As Project Director of the main contractor, management of construction of new terminal, runway extension and apron including design, construction and commisioning of Alexander the Great Internatonal airport.

Project Location: Skopje, MACEDONIA
Main Contractor: TAV Tepe Akfen Yatırım
Project Start date: 2010
Project Completion: 2012
Total construction area: 50,000 m² + 38,100 m2 runway extension & 25,000 m2 apron