About Us

T-EMA is established by Mehmet Ali TURKEL as “Project Management” and “Management Support Services and solutions” initiaive. T-EMA is an initiavie bonding the team culture and technical skills by considering not only the customer needs but also all stakeholders needs and expectations.

T-EMA is committing to provide a range of specialist advisory services includes strategic advisory, value management, integrated design service, lean management with our experiences of each and every project management process group.


T-EMA and his specialised business partners predicates acting on COLLOBORATION, TRUST, FUTURE AND ADDING VALUE.


T-EMA’s mission is to provide services for the needs of the clients where they need expertise and professionals.


T-EMA is to act with a vision of provison for the future and business needs of future.

Management Policies

T-EMA generarates planning, organizing, implementing and documenting for every project needs. Provide the conformity of specifications, applicable standards and project requirements.

Quality Policy

T-EMA ensures implementation of spesific quality control and procedures for the project.

Health and Safety Policy

T-EMA brings “behaviour based safety” approaches further to dealing with HSE rules only.

Data Safety and Security Policies

T-EMA complies and applies the privacy statements.